Sunday, June 19, 2016

Wimbledon 2016 Prize Money Breakdown

Wimbledon 2016 Prize Money Breakdown in US Dollars/INR/Euros/Rupees- How Wimbledon 2016 Prize Money is distributed.

A total of 26.75 million pounds will be rewarded in Wimbledon 2016 tennis championships 2015 eliminated in first round singles can have £ 29,000 each in Wimbledon 2016 championship. The next round also called as the Round of 64 will surely won 74000$ prize money

Wimbledon Prize Money 2015 Breakdown

The next round qualifiers can be assured of $ 121 million in their pockets. Round of 16 will be making up 200,041 USD and then reaches the Quarter finals. The quarter finalist will have the sum doubled and from next round each the prize money keeps doubling and since we have shown the prize money in dollars so the quarter finalist will win 380,000 US Dollars. 

Wimbledon 2015 Prize Money details for Winners, Semi-Finalists, Quarter Finalists, Runner Ups

The Winner of Wimbledon Singles is awarded £1,880,000 where as the runner up is being rewarded by £940,000 which is still not a bad one for the 2nd Position. The third place or rather the semi finalists is being given £470,000 which proclaims that Tennis is one of the most high paid sports of all times. 

Total of 41,767,000 USD will be offered from which $2,935,000 is for Men's and Ladies Singles, 5,31,000 US Dollars is for Doubles, and $1,56,000 is for Mixed Doubles.

Download the Wimbledon 2016 Prize Money Breakdown from here in PDF.

Wimbledon 2016 Prize Money Breakdown in Pounds vs Dollars

 Event WinnerFinal’sSemi Final’sQuarter Final’sR of 16R of 32R of 64R of 128
Mix Doubles£96,000£48,000£24,000£11,500£5,600£2,800£1,400
Wheelchair Doubles£25,000£10,000£7,500£3,700
Invitation Doubles£30,000£18,000£15,000£14,000£13,000

Wimbledon Men's Singles and Women's Singles Prize Money 

Here is the records for Men's Singles Prize Money and Women's Singles Prize money in Wimbledon 2015.
Event WinnerFinal’sSemi Final’sQuarter Final’sR of 16R of 32R of 64R of 128

Wimbledon Men's Doubles and Women's Doubles Prize Money Breakdown

The Prize money in USD and Pounds for Men's Doubles and Women's Doubles Prize money is listed below where the winner will receive an amount of  520,000 USD Approximately. 

Wimbledon Mixed Doubles Prize Money Breakdown

Wimbledon Prize Money for Mixed Doubles breakdown in Pounds vs Dollars is given in the table below. So the prize money for the winner in this category is 158000 USD whereas the runner up receives a 79000 US Dollars. The following participants will get half of the money from then onwards i.e. Semi finalists will get 40,000 USD and Quarter finalists 20,000 USD and so on.

Prize Money Changes from 2015 to 2016

Wimbledon 2016 Prize Money Breakdown